Lately I’ve been very sentimental. I see my 16 year old twin daughters growing up before my eyes, naturally slipping away from me into the exciting world of independence. It’s beautiful and painful at the same time.  This is the age of driving cars, parties, hanging at the beach, shopping, friends, music, a plethora of clothes, phones and duel enrolling at college, yeh, college at 16. I’m probably no different than any other mother of 16 year olds, feeling that you don’t get to see them much and losing touch at times.

But there is something that the three of us share. We LOVE weddings! Everything about them! The planning, the details, the romance, the drama, the nerves,the stress,  the tears, the love, the drunks, the beauty, the gowns, the venues, the cakes, the hair and makeup, we love it all.

The last few weddings I have hired my girls to assist me. It’s been AMAZING!!  They work hard and watch me work hard. We get to spend the day and evening together, they help with equipment, set ups, break downs, keeping me hydrated, helping the bride and bridesmaids, and the lighting at receptions. On the drive home we talk about all of the amazing things we just experienced and what we loved and some of our favorite things. I cherish this time with them.

Here are a few pictures I quickly snapped…Groom Parker HofmannDj Brett JamesI love you Tori and Cassie!