Rebecca and Mike were meant to be together… Rebecca is an award winning, amazingly creative 4th grade teacher. Mike works at Kennedy Space Center. Their mutual friend Chrissy allowed them the opportunity to be at the same place at the same time, which allowed them to get to know each other. Mike knew before Rebecca, she needed a slightly bigger hint that he was interested in her. But when it hit, it hit BIG!

When asked what they love about each other, Rebecca answered ” I love most everything about Mike. We have the same “weirdness”. We get and appreciate the weird quirks in each other, we GET each other.” Mike answered “When you know, you know.”

Their wedding took place in the beautiful city of St. Augustine. It was an outdoor wedding in the  Tuscan feel Llambias House courtyard. Aged stone, weathered wood, tropical lush foliage, tangled vines. Romance was thick in the air.

It was a perfect day for a wedding. Sunny, breezy and love flowing…

Her dress was stunning. Fitting her like a glove. A curve loving silhouette with a flowing train.


The first look at his Bride.   Breathless.    ” … to me, love is the strongest feeling with the softest gentlest touch…


…”we both knew. Everything about it felt right and “meant to be”. We call each other our “puzzle piece” because we seamlessy fit together…”

“…love is a look across the room with an understanding of what the other is thinking…”

“…love is growing with each other, for each other, and because of each other…”

“…love is like a warm blanket on a cold night or a cool breeze on a hot day… it’s what you need when you need it-and because you need it…”

“…love is cutting coupons, making beds, and doing dishes. Love is work. Love is sacrifice. Love is tough. Love is worth it. Love is mine.”

and they lived happily ever after… Congratulations Mike and Rebecca xoxo Jeanee