Summer’s Over… awe…


Putting the sun away till next summer.

Hi everyone. Finally getting around to a new blog!!! Just a bit of procrastination, but here it is.

An awesome senior, some adorable babies, a beautiful model and some unique vampire/graveyard shots!

I hope you all had a wonderful summer. I sure did!!

These next few pictures are of an incredible senior in Washington state, Abby Bos. We had so much fun doing this shoot. We shuffled all over to find the coolest spots for unique images. The picture of her holding the sun is one of my favorites.

Abby Bos ~ Senior shoot

Abby headshot

Abby is a doll. She is full of life, has traveled the world and wants to see more of it. A beautiful spirit!!

Abby chair purple wall

An awesome wall we found.

Abby blue wall copyTexture, color and sweetness.

Abby graffiti copyA creepy old house we let ourselves into. Had to remove the “F” word and put her name in it’s place!!Abby on chair sunsetBecause of a fire several miles away, it made our night shoot fabulous!

Thanks Abby, It was a blast!

Senior shoots call 321-446-5675

Baby Dolls

Porter long hat fbMeet Porter Clemons

A three week old butter ball. He was THE best baby I’ve ever worked with.

porter pompom fbHe was like a little bean bag. He slept through the whole shoot. We were blessed with an air bubble, hence the smile!! Congratulations! Julie and Steve!

AvaAva 1Ava

a-vuh n. – Perfection, center of attention. Angel on earth. (my precious niece)

Sarah ParsonsSarah headshot2Sarah is 15 and just signed on with the DK Modeling Agency.

Sarah city2 copyThese are some shots from her comp shoot. Can’t wait to see her in a magazine!!

Sarah youthful Urban wallUrban!!Sarah wallCool beans.

Sarah beach(I still had braces, and pigtails at this age… ) We are so proud of you Sarah!! Best of luck in your new adventures xoxoxo

Graveyard shoot

Precision Contemporary Dance Company-Precision Vampires with moonbThis shoot was taken for the Vampire Ball that the company is hosting in October. We had so much fun shooting in a real graveyard at night.brown moonbAnother shot in the graveyard. These girls were amazing to work with. Purple vampirebA stunning vampire!!

Thanks for checking out my blog.

“Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed.” ~ Coria Kent

Have a beautiful day! Jeanee