Power Couple!


Scott and Sandi Stuart -Happy Anniversary! 5 Years.

They look like SUPER HEROS! These are some images from their recent  studio/ beach shoot.

Here is a little  info about this amazing and inspirational couple…

Scott is a  soccer coach and personal trainer. He has led MIHS to 3 undefeated years  since he’s been with them. They are lucky to have him.

Sandy is an ER Doctor. You know how we make excuses to not exercise? We are too busy…too tired… just can’t fit it in the schedule…. well, Sandi is the perfect example that it CAN be done.

She just recently won 1st place in the Tall Class-Fitness and OVERALL FITNESS at the NPC USA Championships in S. Carolina. She now qualifies as PRO STATUS in IFBB. She made the BIG TIME along with National Sponsers and ALL.

Way to go Sandi! You go girl!!


5 years and they’ve still got “IT”.



She still has “IT”. Dang. I looked down at my own tummy, laying over my jeans… stretched out from spawning twins… sitting there looking pitiful and tired. I tell myself “it’s just baby fat…” (yah right! your girls are 12 years old!!) ok, so maybe I’ve enjoyed a meal or two… maybe someday I can be tight and hard again. I believe in miracles. Sandi, you inspire me ( and depress me just a tad…)   j.



“Begin doing what you want to do now. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand… and melting like a snowflake.” ~ Marie Beyon Ray



Yep! She’s a Super Hero! (I wonder if I have hip bones???) 

Scott and Sandi

Happy Anniversary and congratulations to both of you for all you have accomplished! j.



Speaking of Inspiration!



This is Robyn DeKeyser. Dancer extraordinaire!!!


She is stunning to watch. We did a calendar for  the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation last year. Here are a few images that didn’t make it in and a couple that did.





“Silent moments are a part of the music.”

I love this image. Dance is what drives Robyn, it is her life, her love, her passion. When she has her ballet shoes on, she is in another world. It’s magical to watch.




“Love, the greatest of heaven’s blessings, is in the air… breathe deeply.”

We shot in several different locations for the 08 calendar. This was at sunset on the rocks. Watching her dance is like watching poetry in motion. It’s breathtaking.




This was an image that we wanted to put our own spin on. People have a hard time guessing how it was shot.

I could tell you, but I’d have to kill you….




Robyn is also a SUPER HERO. She defies gravity and can balance on the tip of her toes. THAT is SUPER HERO stuff.


Keep your eyes open!

We are planning on doing a new Ballet  Calendar for 2010!






Meet Michael Paul. Actor and Model.

He is following his PASSION of performing and pursuing his dreams.


Leading man all the way!!


And one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. 

Break a leg Mike!! We should all take a lesson from you and follow our passions.


Family Reunion!


I am going to my family reunion this summer. It’s always colorful and lively. It’s really not complete until we have one good wrestling match, fight or  blow up with my brothers ( I have 4, count them, 4 brothers!).

I adore my family beyond words.  We are loud, opinionated, passionate, loving and funny.  We scare people, maybe scare is too harsh, we offend people. Maybe all families are like ours.tshirtreunion1

Anyhoo, I designed this family t-shirt for all of us to wear at the reunion.

 To all of you “DysFUNctional” families out there… cherish the times you have together, be patient and forgiving and love the ones that were chosen for you.


Have a blessed summer.     Jeanee