I Love My Job!


Here is a taste of  a few photo shoots I was blessed to do this week.

Meet Billy Brown. Model extraordinaire, and the sweetest guy on the planet.  He’s  going exclusive with a new talent agent who is hooking him up with the big boys. Ladies, you will be seeing him in print very soon!

G.Q. all the way!billy-beach-550sA surfer.


billy-business-550sA business man.


billy-bball-550sA basketball player.




billywall-h-550s  Delicious Dish.    Billy, best of luck!!



  Ã¢â„¢¥ Family ♥

Sometimes a shot is captured that doesn’t need any words.

This beautiful family, the Widricks, melted my heart.

Devin and Caiden. The unspoken bond of brothers.widrick-brothersb-550s


Arien. Here is a gentle soul. I just love her.arian-profile-550s

Dee and I are excited to get the enlargements on the walls!  Thanks Dee, what an amazing family you have!!!!

Beach Shoot.

Shay LOVES to dance!

She wants to be a dancer when she grows up, or maybe photograph dancers.

We had a blast going to the beach and shooting some unique shots for her.shay-flying-550sJust like a faery.

shay-titanic-550sI love this shot, it reminds me of the movie Titanic. Where is Leo???

She has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen.shay-web5s
The face of an angel. We had a blast. Thanks Shay! ♥

Thanks for taking time  out to visit my blog. I hope you all had a beautiful Mother’s Day. I was surprised with  breakfast in bed! The scrambled eggs were  almost done…  I hope you were  each spoiled in your own way!    Jeanee