Who knew Salad Bowls Had  So Many Uses?girlsmirrorb1     


O.k., I take my precious 12 year old daughters to their weekly dance class. At the end of the class when all of the darling girls are showing the mom’s their new dance’s for the recital, in walks an old male dancer.

Now, I have nothing against male dancers, I vote equal opportunity in all things. It’s what he was wearing that disturbed me and even now might send me into therapy.

His black pantyhose were so tight  from the back,  it looked like he had gone down a water slide going 100 miles an hour… and something got lost. And DANG! when he turned around I thought he was going to knock something over, like a chair or small child. I mean, come on! I know male dancers need protection, but this literally looked like a salad bowl covering his manhood.  

The mom’s were trying to stay focused and stare at the wall or the nice doornob, but like a moth drawn to light, you can’t help but look, as disturbing as it was. 

When we got in the car, the girls didn’t say a word but had a smirk they couldn’t take off. When I said,  “Mr. Tightpants?” they burst out in gut laughs. Words like, “gross!” “I mean come on!”  and “barf” were all spoken.

Advice to Old Male Dancers Everywhere

It’s just wrong. Unless, for some freakish reason there are low flying baseballs or falling cows in the studio, please wear a pair of sweats. We have enough things out there that we are protecting our children from.  

O.k., I will step off my soapbox now.  

just a thought… Jeanee