Thanks for taking time to check out my blog. I am calling it  just a thought…I figured that would keep the options open to whatever I feel like writing about or whatever image I feel is entertaining, or new project I am working on. Hopefully it will be a “warm fuzzy” in your life that you can check in on often and get a smile, a chuckle or see a picture that will touch you in some way.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

I don’t like talking about myself, but for those of you that don’t know me, you probably want to know a bit about the person behind the camera. I was born and raised in the beautiful state of Alaska. I have a darling set of parents that are right out of a sitcom, I adore them.  I was born in the middle of four crazy, fabulous brothers; Ben, Dave, Greg and Kip… I LOVE  those boys.  As we say “we put the FUN in dysFUNctional”.  I am married to an awesome  man who is the complete opposite of me (he’s  organized, self disciplined, he’s logical and see’s the world in black and white) somehow we make it work! We are blessed with our 12 year old identical twin daughters. We live in Merritt Island Florida.

Random stuff: I love art and I have my hands in many creative things; stained glass, pottery, sculpting, painting, designing, mosaics and I’m always looking forward to my next project, whatever it may be. I love to laugh, I  love the color fuschia, love the sound of the ocean,  my 12 year olds are more mature  and smarter  than me, love movie popcorn with milk duds, love doing things unplanned and spontaneous, love cookie dough more than baked cookies, love holding my dad’s hand, love the smell of a campfire, not a morning person, love the smell of rain, love bubble gum, love high heels, can’t stomach politics, I’m a hopeless romantic, love to watch t.v. wrapped in a quilt from mom, love the smell of coffee, know I am strong and fragile, love Italian food, believe in prayer, love the magic of a new friendship and treasures the old, I believe the glass is half full, love Yankee candles, I know that after giving birth to twins I can do anything…

Family means everything to me. With a photograph you are able to capture the feeling of love, adoration and memories on film forever.I think that is why I love photography so much.  I am a self taught photographer. I never went to school for it,  still have lots to learn, but when it comes to capturing a feeling, I can do that.  My photography business started by someone seeing a photo on my wall and asking who took it, from there, I am here and loving it.  Through my photography I have met wonderful people, have met new dear friends and  consider myself very lucky to touch people with what I love to do. 


Thanks for checking in. I hope you do often.  Have a beautiful day. Jeanee