My  adorable niece Grace and daughter Tori being attacked by a mother duck. Click to enlarge. Priceless.

Mother’s Love

In the picture above, Tori had reached down and picked up a cute little duckling. In the next moment this mother duck  went absolutely  ballistic  and attacked her. Imagine, without pausing for a milli-second, this mother duck went after something so huge compared to her, not thinking of her own life, just her baby’s. Such is the beauty of a mother’s love.

Mother’s Day is in 2 weeks. I was just thinking of my fabulous mother with a smile on my face. I adore her. Her humor, her compassion, her depth, intelligence and her humanness.

Being a mother makes you appreciate your own mother so much more. What I love about my momma is her PASSION for  her family and life.  I have always known  that she would gladly run in front of a bus to save one of her children. Without hesitation, she would donate a limb or an organ of her own if we needed one. She has shown her  fierce love in so many ways over the years.

 One time in high school my brother Greg had a wrestling match. We arrived late because of the snow on the roads. When we entered the meet, Greg was already on the mat wrestling. Unfortunately, he was on the bottom and screaming from the pain of his arm being torqued backwards. Before I knew it, with her coat still on, snow on her boots and purse hanging from her arm,  she power walked onto the mat screaming “LET MY BOY GO!!”  “LET HIM GOOOO!!!!” I was beyond embarrassed, grabbed her coat and dragged her off the mat  to the bottom bleacher. Now that’s motherly love, mother duck kind of love.

I guess it could have been worse. Bev Jones, a  very large, deep voiced woman with a lazy eye (no one knew which eye to look at when you spoke to her), used to sit on the bleachers with her elbows resting on her legs, that were always ungracefully spread apart, and yell in a bellowing voice ” GRAB HIM BY THE BALLS CLARENCE!!!”  I guess that’s also motherly love.


mom-king-centerThis is my angel on earth. This picture was taken at a photography show I did at the King Center for the Performing Arts that she was brave enough to fly out for. She is my best friend, mentor, shrink, and comforter. If I loved her any more I would burst. Happy Mothers Day momma. 


 If you are a mother, wrap your arms around yourself. If you have a mother, call her.

just a thought… Jeanee