details-pixLet’s face it, it’s All about the bride and it SHOULD be!! I think it’s really important that I have a connection with each bride. I offer engagement photoshoots with the TRUEand INSPIREpackages. That gives me the chance to get to know you, the bride, and what you really want to capture for your wedding day. It also gives me the chance to see your natural smile, your personality and the love between you and your future husband. By the end of the engagement shoot, we are bff’s.

My main goal is to make you look your most beautiful, feel completely comfortable and at ease, knowing I’ve got your back and will make you look amazing. This should be a wonderful experience for you and your hunk of burnin’ love. I know most guys would rather have a root canal than do a photoshoot, and because I know that, I make it as enjoyable and painless as possible. (P.S. You can help with this, bribery goes far, promise him something if he’s a good boy…)

All of this prepares us for your big day! Believe me, I’m excited  too! I love the romance, the nerves, the drama, the laughter and the raw energy of the day. Like I said, it’s all about the bride! So capturing the stunning, dreamy landscape gown portraits (where you are the star), the intimate heartfelt moments, the pure joy and most important the love, it would be an honor to be your photographer! ~ Jeanee Contact




The session fee will be required in full on the day of the shoot. The session fee covers photographers time, talent and artistic interpretation.

Unique to Jeanee James Photography you receive the entire collection of images, burned on a high resolution disc.  You also receive a signed Photo Copy Release so you can legally make as many copies, prints and enlargements as you would like. Fine Art Portraiture is an investment for you to enjoy for years to come.

Serving Brevard County. Additional travel fee applies outside 20 miles of studio. ( Also available for any and all far away tropical paradise and exotic locales…)

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